SERAP pressures Buhari and 36 Governors to account for misused Security Votes

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari
Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari

Security Votes are millions of public funds allocated to both State and Federal authorities in Nigeria that are used at the discretion of Governors and the President for security purposes without having to give account of such spending.

SERAP the Socio-Economic Rights & Accountability Project has today on social media drawn the attention of the Buhari administration including the 36 State Governors to the glaring fact that Security Votes over the years has been used by government officials for personal gains rather than the purpose for which it was created.

SERAP raised concerns that Security Votes are mostly disbursed to politicians who has no knowledge of security operations. That despite the huge sum of money disbursed over the years, the security situation generally has deteriorated overtime in various parts of the country.

According to SERAP, “insecurity, violence, kidnappings and killings” had continued in many parts of the country unabated.

“The current security realities in the country would seem to suggest massive political use, mismanagement or stealing of security votes by many governments” reads parts of the statement.

SERAP emphasize that provision of security by government authorities is sacrosanct in order for citizens to enjoy peace in their daily living. SERAP also express concern about the growing insecurity in Zamfara State alongside other States of Federation which has become pointer to the fact that security votes has been under utilised by successive governments at both States and Federal levels.

SERAP believes that corruption has been the monster that has prevented the judicial use of the Security Votes in line with constitutional requirements.

“SERAP believes that there is a strong link between corruption and insecurity, violence, kidnappings and killings in several parts of the country”

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