Ibrahim Babangida is richer than Putin, Berlusconi and Ramaphosa put together

Ibrahim Babangida former Nigeria Military Head of State
Ibrahim Babangida former Nigeria Military Head of State

Ibrahim Babangida was nicknamed named ‘Maradona’ not because he was a footballer. He got that name from the Nigerian press for having an unparalleled political ability to sell dummy to the Nigerian press.

Ibrahim Babangida the former Nigeria military ruler has been ranked above the likes of Vladimir Putin of Russia, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa in terms of financial net worth.

In an online publication by Fusion Media that was seen by nigerian memo, the net worth of Ibrahim Babangida was put at $50B far more than the combined trio of the Russia President, former Italian Prime Minister and the current South African President.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has a net worth of $20B; Silvio Berlusconi the former Italian Prime Minister has a net worth of $6.7B while Cyril Ramaphosa the current South Africa President has a net worth of $550M; making Babangida about 2x more richer than the 3 former leaders put together.

Ibrahim Babangida is believed to have made his massive wealth through oil and real estate investments. “Babangida personally owns over half of the London-based Fruitex Internal Limited corporation. He also owns nearly a quarter of Nigeria’s second-largest telecom company, Globacom” concluded the publication.

Ibrahim Babangida is arguably the richest politician in Nigeria and by extension Africa; his source of wealth though questionable, were carefully organised, channeled into investments to avoid linking them to corruption proceeds unlike those starched away in foreign accounts by others.

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