Warning: One single inhale of Shisha is like smoking a whole stick of cigarette

Red Shisha Hookah Pot and Pipe
Red Shisha Hookah Pot and Pipe

There is a major misconception about Shisha smoking that has made it more readily acceptable even among persons who ordinarily do not like the smoking of cigarettes because of the generally known side effects and health implication of tobacco smoking.

Shisha smoking habit was imported into the Nigeria society from the Middle East and Asian countries few years ago and has since then taken root in Nigeria with every Club in any of the big cities across the country having a good number of Shisha pots to cater for its teeming smokers.

It is a known fact that Shisha smoking has more dangerous side effects / effects on health than cigarette smoking because one drag or puff of Shisha is equivalent to smoking one stick of cigarette which means smoking or inhaling Shisha for an hour is like smoking one hundred sticks of cigarettes.

Smoking Shisha in a room or indoors is a common practice as it is hardly smoked in the open because of its better flavour compared to cigarette. Shisha normally contain tobacco which is flavoured with apple, coconut, mango, mint, strawberry to give it an inviting aroma even though coal or charcoal is used to burn the tobacco in the Shisha pot.

There are variety of Shisha that are termed herbal  which may still contain tobacco but the fact remains that the coal or charcoal used to burn the Shisha produces toxins and carbon monoxide. Generally Shisha contains tobacco which is not free from nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide alongside heavy metals like arsenic and lead.

Shisha Pen, Battery and E-Liquid
Shisha Pen, Battery and E-Liquid

The sale of portable electronic rechargeable Shisha pen that comes with a variety of flavours are very common online. The Shisha pen is a cigarette shaped electronic device that uses rechargeable battery, the device has an atomizer which uses e-liquid of different flavours to produce the smoke.

Second hand smoke from Shisha are harmful just like those of cigarettes, therefore children and women with early pregnancy should avoid inhaling Shisha smoke; non smokers who also enjoy the fruity aroma should also learn that despite the aroma, Shisha smoking and inhaling is very dangerous to health.

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