See the scar on Yvonne Okoro’s breast that suggests she could be a man beater

Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro’s message on the International Women’s Day was cryptic. The International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every March 8 to recognize and appreciate the immerse contribution of Women of all age brackets to the advancement of the human society.

The Philanthropist and CEO of Desamour delivered a message on social media that was both invitational and daring.

On the one hand the message could be interpreted as a reach out, to somehow conjure her future husband to ‘come on, let’s get married’.

On the other hand she urges women to be strong and not to give room for men to expose them to domestic violence and if need be fight back when domestic violence is meted on them.

This she insinuated by stating, “Don’t marry a weak woman; when you criticize her she weeps and goes to her parents but marry a strong woman like me, if you beat her, she will beat the hell out of you and the loser will have to prepare dinner”.

In other words Yvonne Okoro is emphasizing the fact that she is a man beater and that she is physically strong and can put a fight if any man lay hands on her.

A photo of her somehow supports the claim that she probably could be a strong fighter; the photo appears to show a scar on her right breast that appears like a mark from a teeth bite.

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