Nigerians react to purported resignation of Vice President Yemi Osibanjo

Earlier today, there were public talks about the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osibanjo resigning his position owing his not being invited or informed about a security meeting at Aso Rock Villa presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari had called an emergency security meeting involving all service chiefs and some governors to discuss issues relating to the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections holding this Saturday across the country but Vice President Yemi Osibanjo was conspicuously absent.

It was rumoured that Vice President Yemi Osibanjo was not invited to the meeting though got wind of it and decided to attend only to be denied access to the meeting place by security details.

A statement credited to Fani-Kayode indicated that VP Osibanjo complained saying, “I wasn’t informed of the meeting, when I heard, I was refused entrance. Yet, Governors were allowed to attend”

Barely 3 hours after Fani-Kayo statement, Vice President Yemi Osibanjo debunked the news terming it as misleading and fake news while reiterating his commitment to serving the people of Nigeria in his capacity as Vice President under Buhari.

He wrote, “Misleading/FAKE news is on the rise especially in this season when Nigerians will make a choice about who will govern them for the next four years”

“I have not resigned”

“I remain committed to the service of the Nigerian people under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari”

Following this, Nigerians reacted with mixed feelings to the announcement made by Vice President Yemi Osibanjo online, while some urged him to carry on, others were disappointed that the number two citizen could be treated in such a disrespectful manner with the belief that the news wasn’t fake.

Olushola Olufolabi did not believe that it was fake news, he wrote, “If its fake sir you wont be out defending it. Anyway, they said you threatened to resign but you did not. I also see no reason why you should as you have only few days left in office. Just be patient prof”.

At the same time, a Buhari fan wrote, “Why would a great leader like you resign under a trustworthy man. I love your decisions. Keep Nigeria moving we are behind you”.

Ichie Emmanuel had this to say, “You should resign now. How can a country hold a security council meeting without the VP involved? They found it worthwhile to invite northern governors? Osibanjo, wake up and atikulate before it becomes too late”.

“Sir with all due respect I was almost confused with all the fake news but sir I believe in you as a representative of Yoruba race at the highest level. I trust and believe your untainted loyalty sir. We the responsible and reliable youths of Yoruba know your values & supports you” wrote Afobaje.

But Akaninyene Obiofa querried, “Why would you be an errand boy? Do you sincerely enjoy your job and how you ‘re being treated? We may not know all that there is, but believe me something is not right about that situation”.

“All the same, I wish you well in your career”, he concluded.

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