Shocking lookalikes of Annie Idibia, Mercy Johnson, Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage

Annie Idibia's lookalike
Annie Idibia’s lookalike

When you see these photos you will definitely mistake them for photos of Annie Idibia, Mercy Johnson, Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage; only that you would probably assume they were taken when these celebrities were younger but alas not, they are just good lookalikes.

1. Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia's lookalike
Annie Idibia’s lookalike

Annie Idibia is the wife of the already legendary 2Face Idibia. She hails from the southern part of Nigeria. Annie for sure is a humble person and down to earth too. People have mix feelings about her for being courageous enough to marry 2Baba but for me there lies her uniqueness and strength.

Her marriage to Innocent Idibia is the perfect situation of a round peg in a round hole as there has been no major issues regarding their marriage till date which means she has dutifully played her part well and they are waxing stronger. We all know 2Baba plus his capability then and his ability now with regards to social behaviour and music but Annie has been able to be prove to all that she is the right woman for him.

You can tag the photo above as ‘Annie in the hood’ whereas that is not Annie Idibia but a replica of her so to speak, the resemblance is just too striking.

2. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson's lookalike
Mercy Johnson’s lookalike

Mercy Johnson is a Nollywood actress and a Nigerian who hails from the eastern part of the country. She is one of the most loved actress in Nigeria not only because of her great skills in acting but also because she is less flamboyant despite her fame and achievements.

Her husband Mr. Okojie was once married with with kids to another woman before leaving that marriage and eventually getting married to Mercy who now have 2 kids with him at the moment. There was a big uproar at the times leading to her marrying the Mr. Okojie with a public outcry of her marrying another woman’s husband but Mercy braced the odds and got what she would now cherish for as long as possible.

The photo you see above could pass on well as throwback photo of Mercy Johnson Okojie but that is not her, the person on the photo just has a very striking resemblance to Mercy Johnson.

3. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa's lookalike
Toke Makinwa’s lookalike

Toke is a Nigerian OAP who is from the western part of country. I see her as very flamboyant individual who has great skills for talking but most particularly Toke has a wide margin between her real self and the Toke you see on air in terms of general makeup. I think she spend far more than necessary to look that much beautiful.

She was married to Maje Ayida but the union could not hold in less than 2 years; Toke really could not practice what she actually teaches overtime about relationships. While she has talked many relationships into shape, she on her on own failed woefully to keep her marriage afloat even for the minimum required time as there was no child between him and Maje.

The photo above is not that of Toke Makinwa and you would know only when told that that is not Toke but the person looks more like Toke in her teens.

4. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage's lookalike
Tiwa Savage’s lookalike

Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian music diva who is signed on to the Mavins and she hails from the western part of Nigeria. Tiwa to me has the combined ability of being humble and wild in her music and lifestyle. She immediately strike the right chord in her music career after coming from overseas into the Nigerian music scene which is damn competitive but she stood out because she has got the right voice and swag to match.

Tiwa got married to her manager Tee Billz and they had a child together but there has been accusation of cheating on the part of Tee Billz, who also has allegedly fail to pay the bills despite his name being Billz. The crisis in the less than 2 years marriage saw Tee Billz attempting suicide after Tiwa called it quit and Tiwa has gone as far as granting a detailed interview about their failed marriage which is like nailing the coffin and forestalling the possibility of them both coming back together.

The photo above could well be concluded as that of a younger Tiwa but that is not the case, the person on the photo is not even a relation of Tiwa.

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