The economic, social and religious values of lies

Lies forged into truth
Lies forged into truth

Lies, lies, lies abound in our modern day life and has become a major aspect that contributes, sustains, improves and redefine our economic, social and religious activities on a day to day basis. Religion has been unable to adequately differentiate between the lies of sin and the lies of no sin, lies of progress and lies of retrogression.

I am going to dwell briefly on the 3 types of lies I have identified.

1. Practical or Vocal Lies

These comprises lies told to hide something and lies told to entertain. Lies told to hide something are the conventional lies, lies you tell to hide your wrong doings to mislead people to believe the opposite; it could also stretch to propaganda that cause people to believe as wholly true what is not completely true.

The other group of lies are deliberate, they are coined for entertainment, they may be spoken in terms of comedy, or written in terms of novels, they could also be visualised in terms of movies, drama. Society enjoy these sort of lies and religion probably is oblivion of the fact that these are also lies and so do not frown at them.

2. Magic or Visual Lies

Visual lies is what I refer to primarily as magic; magic is a form of lie that is told visually without spectators discerning what really took place. Magic as a practice could take various forms from simple to the most complex and the basic fact about it is that magic is a calculated deception done in an amazing manner.

This is one form of lie also that have economic value but because of the complexities persons tend to ascribe occultism to it whereas in actual fact magic is perfected by practice.

3. Miracles or Supernatural Lies

Miracles are lies high up there in the realm of the spirits that are absolutely beyond human comprehension. Miracles reverse what was, in such a way that it defiles nature and science in most cases. I term miracles as a form of lies because there is a status quo which is the true state that is obviously reversed to either a better or a worst state.

Multiplying loaves and fishes, turning water to wine, raising the dead, walking on the sea are some forms of miracles recorded in Christianity. Miracles these days are mostly very difficult to verify as magic and deception has found their way into church practice of miracles.

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