Sadly, comedian Akpororo insults a fan call him “ant” over tithe argument

Istagram: comedian Akpororo
Instagram: comedian Akpororo

It is a fact that five of the riches churches in the world have their origin from Europe and America but surprisingly 5 of the richest pastors in the world are not from these 5 richest churches; shockingly, while 2 of the richest pastors in the world are from America, a whooping 3 are from Nigeria.

Akpororo has yesterday made a post online about tithe requesting his fans to indicate via hashtag if they are in support of tithing, but this did not go down well with most of his fans who took the opportunity to express themselves as would have been expected.

One of his fans has lambasted him saying Akpororo might not even get near the 5 richest comedians in Nigeria even if he he keeps tithing till the end of his life referring to Akpororo as victim of his pastor who has gotten him caged and made him “foolish” over the tithing issue.

But Akpororo fired back emphasizing that even if he should accept the tag “foolish” the fan should understand he is dong very well as a person, as opposed to the fan who can best be described as “a broke dog” that needs to find a meaningful life for himself.

Another fan who seems not happy with the response Akpororo gave, further lambasted him by saying he does not believe the tithe is not working for Akpororo otherwise he would have been richer than Wizkid and Olamide.

This further got Akpororo upset and sadly referring to the fan as an ant, admonished him to get lost because he does not need ant on his timeline, “we don’t need ant here so get lost”, Akpororo wrote.

It is not possible to differentiate between those who are humble Christians or not on social media because most of them on social media do not hesitate to rain insult on their fans even when it would have been expected of them to use that medium to ‘win souls’.

Tithing has become a burning matter in Nigeria because pastors have capitalise on tithe to earn so much from the teaming members who are mostly poor people that cannot  afford three square meals a day as opposed to the pastors who live in affluence, flying private jets and establishing schools in which 99% of their congregations cannot afford to school their kids.

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