EFCC arrests Lebanese Mr. Abbas Lakis in attempt to smuggle about 1 billion out of Nigeria

Mr. Abbas Lakis the Lebanese National arrested by EFCC
Mr. Abbas Lakis the Lebanese National arrested by EFCC

Kano in Kano State of Nigeria is one of the safe haven for some foreign business persons especially the Lebanese community. These nationals are accorded very great respect and relevance sometimes to the detriment of the locals and the laws of the land.

According a report by Daily Trust Mr. Abbas Lakis a Lebanese national was arrested with some undeclared foreign currency. Mr. Lakis actually flew into Abuja according to Abayomi Shogunle an Assistant Commisioner Of Police.

It is not clear if Mr. Lakis has actually avoided the MMA International Airports as well as the Nnandi Azikiwe International Airport at Abuja and choose to use the Kano International Airport to avoid prying eyes and perfect his illegality.

“Mr. Abbas Lakis was actually on his way out of Nigeria with the huge cash. Lakis was intercepted on board and Egyptian Airline from Kano Airport en route Lebanon” reads a statement by Abayomi Shogunle.

The money was said to be in 8 different foreign currencies and amounted to about N940 million naira. The cash comprises 2million Dollars; 160,000.00 Pounds; 140,000.00 Euros including other currencies and were undeclared forcing the EFCC to arrest the suspect.

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